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FUN CHRISTIAN Homeschool Curriculum 

Bring your homeschool lessons to life with engaging documentaries, movies and series that you can stream seamlessly on any device, any where, at any time. Download free materials sure to enrich and inspire homeschool students (and even teachers) of every age and grade level.

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Movies For At Home Learning

It has never been easier to find quality homeschooling materials online that cater to any learning style.

Creating a well-balanced homeschool program can be a challenge for even seasoned homeschooling parents. Every homeschool parent understands the struggle of compiling the best lesson plans, educational materials and resources. Whether your child is a visual, auditory or tactile learner, Pure Flix is here to help supplement your lessons with video content to add to your educational experience.

Homeschool Support For Any Grade Level

Pure Flix offers streaming options to enhance any lesson plan, from kindergarten to high school. And your homeschooler can stream the lessons anywhere – on the TV in your living room or their mobile app in the car. All of the content available on Pure Flix is a perfect fit to produce a safe and friendly learning environment for your children. Check out all Pure Flix has to offer today!

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Make Learning Easy

With the Pure Flix Homeschool Curriculum Movie Resource, you can have lesson plans delivered directly to your inbox. We supply you with the material and the enhancing media to take your lessons to the next level – without you having to search for the right resource!

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Make it Stick with Video

Adding video instruction into your homeschool plan is a great way to mix learning styles and build strong connections between visual clues, memory and knowledge recall.

Incorporate Video

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Whole Family Education

Homeschooling families know that education happens all day, every day. So why not take your next family movie night to the next level with one of the Pure Flix documentaries, films or series?

Fun Ways of Homeschooling

Supplement Your Homeschool Curriculum with Movies and Documentaries About Science, History, and Geography.

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Homeschool Series And Movies

Jump-Start Your Homeschooling

Homeschool families understand that you can’t separate faith and family from education.  Whether it’s quality entertainment or educational resources, whatever you find on Pure Flix has the same mission: to influence culture for Christ.

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