Movies For Your Homeschooling Curriculum

Developing a well balanced homeschool program can be a challenge and every homeschool parent understands the annual struggle to compile the best lesson plans, educational materials, and resources. Whether you are teaching a visual, auditory or tactile learner, supplementing your lessons with video content can be a great way to add to the educational experience. It has never been easier to find quality homeschooling materials online that cater to any learning style.


Homeschool Support For Any Grade Level

Adding media to the lesson plan is simple at any grade level. Your little one in kindergarten will love learning about biblical values on Veggie Tales just as much as your senior in high school will enjoy streaming the latest documentary on the Civil War via any one of our mobile apps. Your homeschool curriculum needs to be high-quality, affordable, and easy to use. That’s why online video is a great add to any curriculum library. All of our content is a perfect fit for producing a safe and friendly environment for your children to learn..

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Make Learning Easy

Learning shouldn’t be over-complicated. Have your homeschooling program delivered right to your email inbox with the best recommendations for every core subject in your curriculum. No more searching for the right resource!

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Make it Stick with Video

Research has long demonstrated strong connections between visual clues, memory, and knowledge recall. Video is one of the best ways to mix learning styles, incorporating visual and audio to help the most important information stick.

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Make Education Fun

The best part about homeschooling is that it makes education a family affair! Movie nights are a learning opportunity too, and with thousands of documentaries, films, and series to choose from, make your homeschool curriculum fun.

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Seek the adventure in Drive Thru History | Pure Flix

Any Subject, Any Time

From Preschool to High School, Pure Flix has You Covered


Teach counting, colors, and Biblical values all at the same time with popular educational titles like “Owlegories”, “Veggie Tales”, and "3-2-1 Penguins".


Go back in time with “Friends and Heroes,” under the sea with “AquaKids”, or an adventure with "Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution"

Middle School

See the places that made history with “Drive Thru History”. Explore how "Awesome Science" is with teenager host, Noah Justice.

High School

Learn about points in American history with “The Ultimate Civil War Series” and see missionaries explore the world with “Travel the Road”..

Pure Flix | Faith, Family, Homeschooling

Faith, Family, Homeschooling

Homeschool families understand that you can’t separate faith and family from education. Whether it’s quality entertainment or educational resources, whatever you find on has the same mission: to influence culture for Christ. We want to be your trusted partner and  help you and your family continue to grow and learn together by finding the most appropriate Christian homeschool curriculum for your needs.

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