Fearless Faith Movie Guide

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It can sometimes feel insurmountable in the modern era to build and maintain a Christian worldview. But despite the distractions and difficulties, there are some practical steps you can take to build — and grow — a biblical perspective for you and your family.

Each movie in this guide — and each accompanying real-life story — will get you thinking about how you can personally develop your own fearless faith. With these discussion questions, you can begin to think about, pray about and act your fearless faith.

You can use this guide:

  • On your own as a personal devotional. Start a journal to track your thoughts after watching each movie.
  • As a family! Gather for movie night and take time to discuss and pray over each lesson. 
  • Come together for an evening of fellowship with friends. Use the questions to create discussion and foster accountability.

Let’s explore some of the powerful films, lessons and stories that will help you foster a fearless faith!

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