Download Free 'Beautiful LIves' 5-Day Devotional

This devotional is an enriching companion to Pure Flix’s 'Beautiful Lives' series, a pro-life show.

This series explores the experiences of former abortion industry workers who have survived – and thrived – after leaving their controversial careers behind.

If left unaddressed, grief and regret can plague our hearts and souls. But we can find true freedom when we fully realize that —regardless of the decisions or mistakes we have made — there is a God who created us, loves us and has a plan for our lives.

This pro-life daily devotional was created to help you work through times of grief, transformation, and even joy. Included within the 5-Day 'Beautiful Lives' Series Devotional:

  • An inspiring daily verse to help lead your devotion.
  • A reminder of God's love and pause in reflection.
  • Writing prompts to journal your thoughts and prayers. 
Use this devotional to help you overcome these times of grief and help you find freedom in your life. 

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