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Movie night just got a whole lot easier! With this Christian Movie Guide, you’ll be able to find wholesome films that will keep the whole family entertained. Each film is not only well loved by viewers, but has also been vetted for quality to ensure your viewing experience is not only entertaining, but inspirational and uplifting as well.

When you download the Christian Movie Guide, you’ll get:

  • A list of the top 11 Christian movies for your family, featuring "Amazing Love"
  • The best children’s movies, such as the popular animated series “Owlegories”
  • The top 8 Christian dramas that are perfect for a movie night 
  • The 6 best romance films, including  “Finding Normal”
  • 5 of the most viewed Christian movies based on the end-times

With the Most Popular Christian Movie Guide, you’ll love no longer have to spend hours looking for what to watch and then fast-forwarding through half the movie. Enjoy wholesome content you know you can trust.

All films are great to share with friends and family!

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