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Finding movies that honor Jesus Christ and don’t shy away from faith can be tough. Hollywood is notorious for creating films full of troubling themes and racy content. Now, it is easier than ever to find great movies that will strengthen your walk with God and that you can feel good about.

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Trending Christian and Drama Movies

Watch God's Not Dead: We The People

God's Not Dead: We The People

Freedom of choice and Christian liberties are at stake when Reverend Dave stands with homeschooling families in opposition to local government. Is your town next?

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Watch Trailer For Unbroken: Path to Redemption

Unbroken: Path To Redemption

Beginning where the hit movie Unbroken concludes, the next chapter brings the rest of Louis Zamperini's inspirational true story to life.

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Watch The Case For Christ Trailer

The Case For Christ

An award-winning investigative journalist -- and avowed atheist -- who applies his well-honed journalistic and legal skills to disprove the newfound Christian faith of his wife... with unexpected, life-altering results.

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Watch What If Trailer

What If

What if Ben Walker (Kevin Sorbo) had chosen a different course for his life? What if he had followed God's calling?

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Watch An Interview With God Trailer

An Interview With God

A mystery/drama about a renowned Christian Journalist in a life crisis who finds his world becoming increasingly challenged when he’s granted the interview of a lifetime – with someone who claims to be God.


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Watch The Passion of The Christ Trailer

The Passion of the Christ

A realistic depiction of the final 12 hours of Jesus Christ's sacrificial crucifixion in Jerusalem.

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Christian Family Movies and Series

I Am Gabriel

I Am Gabriel

Promise, Texas is no place to raise a family. Just when things are at their darkest, a mysterious boy appears.

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Watch Heartland Trailer


SEASONS 12 AND 13 NOW AVAILABLE - In this beloved series, several generations of a family rely on each other to get them through happy and tragic times.

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Watch The Prayer Box Trailer

The Prayer Box

With his sister suffering from a serious illness, a young boy takes it upon himself to get God’s attention in hopes that God will heal his sister.

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Christian Kids Movies

Watch Veggietales


You can now stream all of your favorite VeggieTales movies. Grow your family’s biblical worldview with retellings of your favorite bible stories and life lessons.

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Watch Lion Of Judah Trailer

Lion of Judah

Follow the Lamb who saved the world in this wonderful story, seen through the eyes of farm animals.

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Bibleman and his team fight evil with the word of God!

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Christian Teen Movies

Watch A Show About Anthem Lights Trailer

A Show About Anthem Lights

The adventures of Caleb, Chad, Joey and Spencer as they navigate the ups and downs of life in a boyband. Join the band as they overcome all obstacles with grace... and sing about it.

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Watch I'm Not Ashamed Trailer

I'm Not Ashamed

Based on the inspiring, powerful true story and journal entries of Columbine student Rachel Joy Scott.

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Watch Switched Trailer


Tired of being bullied, Cassandra prays that her nemesis will have to walk a day in her shoes. When her prayer is answered in an unexpected way, the girls get "Switched."

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Christian Romance Movies

Watch Fireproof Trailer


In an attempt to save his marriage, a firefighter uses a 40-day experiment known as "The Love Dare".

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Watch The Shunning Trailer

Beverly Lewis' The Shunning

Katie has always felt something missing in her simple Amish existence until an "Englisher" comes looking for the girl she gave up for adoption years ago.

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Finding Normal Trailer

Finding Normal

While serving her sentence of community service, Lisa’s world turns upside down after meeting the man of her dreams.

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Best Christian Movies Collage

Watch the Best Christian Movies

Grow your faith and entertain your family by streaming Christian movies online. Discover different genres of the top Christian and family television shows. Help shine the light of God's love by watching and sharing the messages of forgiveness, redemption, and so much more.

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Movies About the Bible



RISEN is the epic Biblical story of the Resurrection, as told through the eyes of a non-believer.

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Watch The Book of Daniel Trailer

The Book of Daniel

When Jerusalem is conquered by the Babylonians, the King notices a young man’s prophetic gift.

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Watch The Chosen Series

The Chosen

A charismatic fisherman drowning in debt. A troubled woman wrestling with real demons. A kind, gifted young man ostracised by his family and his people for working as a publican. 

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Christian TV Series

Watch The Encounter Series Trailer

The Encounter

Get your adrenaline and your faith flowing with this series about an authoritative, mysterious figure.

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Watch Sons of Thunder Trailer

Sons of Thunder

Combat vet Simon motorcycles across the country, working odd jobs, helping those God puts in his path, and trying to atone for past sins in a biker club.

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Watch Vindication Trailer


SEASON 2 AVAILABLE NOW - Follow the twisted, gut-wrenching, psychological crime thriller of Detective Gary Travis in the Dallas suburbs where not everything is as it seems.

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