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Christian movies can provide fun and learning for every member of the family. By watching Christian educational movies as a family, you can all learn about and emulate living a Christ-honoring life, together.

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Start watching the best educational based entertainment with your family. You’ll love streaming the top films in these popular categories for learning at home and discovering thousands more titles that bring rich educational content to your household.
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11 Christian Movies About the End Times


Christian writers and filmmakers have created various interpretations of the end-times, and although Christians should not depend on a movie as Gospel truth, films do inspire us to think, study, and investigate the scriptures for ourselves.

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Top 12 Christian Movies: Must-See Films About Famous Christians


From touching personal stories to powerful acts that have transformed the faithful, there are well-known Christians from biblical times and today who have made a transformational impact.

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10 Must-See Movies About Israel and the Holy Land


Considering that Israel holds a coveted place in biblical history, there are plenty of theological themes and issues worth exploring amid the ongoing political discussion.

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Download End Times Movie Guide

Download The End Times Movie Guide

This End Times Movie Guide will walk you through some of the most popular Christian movies about Christ’s return, the rapture, and the end of days.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • The top Christian end times movies.
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes trivia from your favorite end times dramas.
  • More fun facts and movie magic related to the end-of-the-world movies.